Mom's MAID-RITE...made right!

Mom’s MAID-RITE…made right!


The year my mom first tasted a MAID-RITE hamburger. She and a few of her girlfriends were coming home from their swimming lesson at the YMCA in Muscatine, Iowa. Enticing aromas teased the girls’ noses as they passed a walk-up window restaurant. One of the girls happened to have a bit of pocket change, so she paid a dime each for all of them to have their first MAID-RITEs.

Mom remembers the “juice” running down their arms as they giggled and devoured the delicious hamburgers invented by Fred Angell in1926.

Thus began an 83-year love affair between my mother and the loose-meat sandwiches generously smothered in a cabbage, onion, and pickle sauce.

I grew up eating those hamburgers, but I have to admit, I didn’t know their actual name was misspelled. Mom called them “MADE RIGHTS”, and that was all I knew about it until I traveled through Iowa one time as an adult.

“MAID-RITE? What? The whole franchise is misspelled?”

I couldn’t believe it. It hurt my author/editor soul, let me tell you!

Since then, I’ve come to terms with the fact that Mr. Angell was, to quote the MAID-RITE website, “quite a sandwich maker but not much of a speller.” Apparently, Mr. Angell invented the sandwiches and named them after a deliveryman’s comment that the sandwich was made right. Hmm.

That’s reasonable, isn’t it?

A Stark Disappointment


On a family road trip, Mom and I marched into one of the franchises in an Iowa mall grinning from ear to ear. We couldn’t wait to order a MAID-RITE made in THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY. Passing up every other eating opportunity as we traveled across the country that day, we were starved and anticipatory.

After all, this was to be the first store-bought MAID-RITEs Mom had eaten since 1939. I had never eaten any but my mom’s.

Honest. I have to be honest and say that something drastic has happened to those MAID-RITEs since Mr. Angell first cranked them onto the streets via his four franchises by the end of the 1920s. The ones we tasted were… Dry. Cabbage-less. Tasteless. Disappointing.

I still see mom shaking her head as she sat across the table from me. We took a few bites and shoved the sandwiches to the side.

You’re About to Get Lucky  *because I’m sharing Mom’s recipe with you!*

Since 1939, Mom has served us MAID-RITES like the ones she first tasted – identical to the ones Mr. Angell used to sell. Since she also happens to be a fabulous cook, I have to believe her method and her recipe are PURE.

The last time Mom made MAID-RITES, I took a picture of my plate and used it as the profile pic for this blog. Now that’s a MAID-RITE made right! So right, I think Mr. Angell himself would give my mom a high-five after his first bite!

The only thing we’ve added to the mix over the years is a sprinkle of cheddar for the top. It’s a great addition and really adds flavor. If you want THE AUTHENTIC RECIPE for making these easy but incredibly yummy loose-meat sandwiches, CLICK HERE. 

You can’t go wrong when you go rite!

Ever had a MAID-RITE? We’d love to hear about it.


Because I believe FUNNY is better than sackcloth and ashes . . .


What am I writing? Why, not to borrow unauthorized media, of course!

Jane: “Hey, Marilyn, have you read Jodi Lea Stewart’s latest novel, The Accidental Road yet?

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