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Praise for Blackberry Road

Jodi Lea Stewart weaves together an engaging read on BLACKBERRY ROAD.

Cyrus Webb Review Of Jodi Lea Stewart’s Blackberry RoadAuthor Jodi Lea Stewart is someone I’ve had the pleasure of following online for a number of years. When I saw she had a new book out, I knew it was something I had to read. BLACKBERRY ROAD is unlike anything I’ve read before by this author—and that is what makes it something to talk about.

The thing that really got me about this story are the themes that run alongside solving the murder in the book—themes of family, togetherness, loving people for who they are, and then, of course, the power of the truth. Prejudice is also a part of the book, and not just when it comes to race. Unfortunately, we can still see it rear its ugly head today. BLACKBERRY ROAD is engaging, entertaining, and a book that is sure to linger with you . . . the trip is well worth the time”

–Cyrus Webb, Host of ConversationsLIVE, president of Conversations Radio Network, tv show host, author, and publicist

“It Weaves a Mystery — Set in the era of the Great Depression, BLACK BERRY ROAD weaves a mystery of death at the hands of the unknown . . . this story kept me racing from chapter to chapter wanting the answers to the mysteries Jodi Lea Stewart created in this amazing novel of an era gone by.”

–Katherine Russell

“Tough as Nails and Tender as Ripe Berries – This is a touching story and I enjoyed the characters, the farm life, the tragedies and the miracles. The clever writing by Jodi Lee Stewart only added to my fascination. Well done! Highly recommended.”

–Sherry Decker

“Another Great Read from Jodi Lea Stewart – Well researched for time, place, events and vernacular, Jodi spins a tale straight out of 1930s, share cropping, Oklahoma. For YA and adults (me being 66)”

–Wayne Edgin

A Great Book – Beyond the humor and entertaining antics of the main character, Biddy Woodson, this book has depth and meaning as it explores stirring universal themes that we expect in great literature.

It’s a timely look at injustice and caring through the innocence of the eyes of youth. The beauty of BLACKBERRY ROAD is that everybody in the family can enjoy it—I would love to hear the discussions this one will bring up in book club meetings across the country. Put this one on your summer-read list . . . it’s that good.”

–D.B. Jackson, Award-winning author of western and historical fiction

“Loved the Characters – Loved this book! I can see it as a movie narrated by Sissy Spacek. Great voice, too. Brava, Jodi Lea Stewart!”

–Kim Terry Schwarz, author and retired English Professor

Praise for Summer of the Ancient

“Silki narrates in a sometimes-poetic voice and serves as a reader’s guide to the Navajo culture and traditions that are skillfully integrated into the story . . . ”

–School Library Journal Review

“Beautiful Display of Culture – I thoroughly enjoyed the SILKI, THE GIRL OF MANY SCARVES trilogy. As a Spanish teacher, I am always excited to find culturally and linguistically relevant literature for our youth. You will fall in love with the characters and appreciate how authentically the Navajo language and traditions are conveyed. This trilogy is a must read!”

–Tara Moore, Middle-Grade Spanish Teacher

“SUMMER OF THE ANCIENT is great for ALL ages. Even my 9-year old daughter loves it; I love it. It has a clear, positive message which is unique in today’s standard of YA literature. A beautiful story that will keep you intrigued and involved from cover to cover. It’s a mystery AND it’s funny. A definite page-turner.”

–Sunny Castaneda, mom of 3.

“What a great surprise was in store for me. I loved SUMMER OF THE ANCIENT, it’s characters, and the authentic voices Jodi Stewart gave to each one. It’s a great story, well-written and absolutely engaging from beginning to end…the girls, their horses, the mystery, the intricate plot, and most of all, just the pure pleasure of being able to escape with a book that’s fun to read and impossible to put down. I predict we will see a lot more Jodi Stewart books in the future.”

–Dale Jackson, author

“Jodi Lea Stewart’s SILKI, THE GIRL OF MANY SCARVES: SUMMER OF THE ANCIENT was a delightful read through every single page. This story of two friends weaves the upheaval of their livelong friendship, an imaginary Ancient Ant Man, old family secrets, Navajo culture, modern Rez life, and even a local crime as smoothly as one of Grandmother’s traditional blankets. All this is adding up to a strange summer of mysteries that compels even an adult reader to follow Silki in her quest for answers and to set everything in Hohzo – harmony.”

–Sue Cauhape

Praise for Canyon of Doom

“CANYON OF DOOM, is an island of innocence in a sea of insanity. Ms. Stewart has written a well-paced and detailed mystery with two adorable, likable teen-age heroes—Silki and Talastic. Instructive as well as entertaining, this novel will give readers wonderful lessons about life on a Navajo Reservation, tales about the always mystical buried treasure that drives men mad, and insights into horse-lore. I admire Ms. Stewart’s attention to detail in her writing, her use of the Southwest as a “character, and her easy way with language.”

–Jack Remick

“My granddaughters and I loved CANYON OF DOOM.”


“Silki is a modern Navajo girl who lives with the traditions of her people but has the same problems girls everywhere have. She loves adventures, has a vivid imagination but family, loyalty and a sense for justice are the most important things. CANYON OF DOOM is the second book of Silki’s adventures. Again, she deals with strange characters, thievery and lost treasures in a plot that makes you turn the pages to the very end. You will learn a lot about life on a Navajo Reservation, Navajo culture and traditions, cooking recipes, and language. Author Jodi Lea Stewart knows this world she writes about.”

–Günter Zils, Germany

Praise for Valley of Shadows

“Building on the first two books, SUMMER OF THE ANCIENT and CANYON OF DOOM, VALLEY OF SHADOWS brings the reader further into the life, legends, and myths of the People and the Reservation.Reading the part about Angel the mare and her adopted foals . . . well, keep a tissue handy. The dust blew into my eyes, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Great read, as were the first books. Lots of mental pictures being painted by a superb storyteller.This, trilogy, might be rated Young Adult, but us older YA’s (I’m 66) enjoy it as well. Hoping this won’t be the last we read of Silki; but, if it is, I hope Silki, Birdie, Smiles, and the rest of her family enjoy their lives as much as I have enjoyed theirs.”

-Wayne Edgin

“I absolutely loved this third book in the trilogy of SILKI, THE GIRL OF MANY SCARVES. The author, Jodi Lea Stewart, did not disappoint her readers as she brought us another adventure set in the Southwest. Her knowledge of the reservations and the Native American peoples is so vibrant, and the sharing of that knowledge with her readers is an extra bonus. I would highly recommend this TRILOGY to adults, as well as to all parents of pre-teen to young adult readers and especially to all those who have chosen to Homeschool their children.”

–Katherine Russell

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