Jodi Lea Stewart

Loving and Writing About the Southwest and the South

Jodi Lea Stewart grew up smelling cedar berries and cow manure on a large cattle ranch wedged between the Navajo Nation and the White Mountain Apache Tribe. Her friends were Native American and Hispanic, with a few Anglos thrown in for good measure. Her pastimes were singing to chickens, climbing giant petroglyph-etched boulders, hanging on for dear life in the back end of rattly old pickups driven over terracotta roads so washed out they qualified as mini-Grand Canyons, and riding one of the orneriest horses God ever put on this planet. Many monsoon seasons later, Jodi writes adventure-mystery novels set in the Southwest and the South.

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TJ and the Tomatoes by Jodi Lea Stewart

It’s Spring! Time to think about . . . Tomatoes! How we love them. How we need them. Need them? Sure. I’ll prove it. Forget all the antioxidant lycopene, the vitamins C and K, the potassium and folate packed inside these little guys and just try to imagine a plate of spaghetti and meatballs or… Read More

Upon Learning the Splendid Craft of Writing by Jodi Lea Stewart

Beginning writers face many obstacles. Recently, someone asked for advice in a writing group online. She wanted to write novels but said everything stays a draft because she feels too insecure to continue and doesn’t really know what she’s doing. Further, each time she writes something, it gets criticized, causing terrible self-doubt. She said she… Read More

Painting Museum-Quality Art with Words by Jodi Lea Stewart

  Why is the journey through a historical novel so different from regular reading? Because for that brief time, YOU ARE THERE! In the 1950s and 1960s, CBS featured Walter Cronkite narrating a history series that teachers especially fell in love with. Dramatic presentations of historical events put the listener or viewer into the scene… Read More