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International, award-winning author who writes historical fiction adventures that tug at the soul and transport you to another time and place.


The Gold Rose Book by Jodi Lea Stewart

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The Gold Rose

THE GOLD ROSE . . . a historical saga flowing with raw emotion and secrets that catapult the reader from Texas into Mexico, Argentina, China, Hong Kong, and Italy. Three females in different parts of the world and on diverse life paths will one day intersect in explosive ways. From Charlotte’s journey escaping a traumatic childhood to her life as a daring, first-class agent with an international secret-rescue agency to the shocking twists befalling a small child, Pinkie, to young Babe’s astonishing endurance in the midst of China’s invasion and the ensuing civil war, this novel is a testament of secrets, deception, and survival.

What To Expect:


Jodi’s breathtaking books will keep you engaged and on the edge of your seat while transporting you into places you don’t expect to go with unforgettable characters, suspense, and flashes of humor.

Book Categories/Genres:

Historical Fiction, Multicultural Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Literary Fiction, Action & Adventure Fiction, Mystery Fiction, Multigenerational Fiction, Young Adult Fiction

Book Content Subjects

General Book Subjects: history, mystery, suspense, drama, danger, humor, international

Specific Book Subjects: Chiang Kai-Shek, Communist takeover, Depression Era, Interpersonal Drama, Mao Tse Tung, Marilyn Monroe, Native Americans, Navajos, Quests, Rescue, Romani, Second Sino-Japanese War, Strong Female Leads, Survival, Texas Rangers, Vodou, WWII, Waorani People

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Growing Up Jodi Lea

Childhood, Jodi Lea Stewartstoryteller.  adventurer.  southwest ranch girl.

My adventure and mystery tales reflect my non-traditional childhood growing up on a cattle ranch next door to the Navajo Nation and the White Mountain Apache Reservation. Days spent climbing petroglyph-etched boulders, bouncing two feet in the air in the back end of a pickup, wrestling through washed-out terracotta roads, playing in stock bins full of barley and corn, and riding horses through the arroyos and mountains of the Arizona High Country.



About Jodi Lea StewartGetting The Inside Scoop

historical fiction.  transporting her readers.  action.  humor.  drama.

Jodi Lea Stewart is a bit hard to define as an author, she writes high-concept with a literary pen technique. The adrenaline begins in her heart, flows to her fingertips, and out onto the keyboard. She will sincerely admit, “That’s me writing a novel.” Jodi Lea attracts readers who love books set in the South and Southwest, who like a mixture of action, humor, and drama. She has a young adult audience (Silki Trilogy) that appreciates her captivating style as well. Jodi Lea Stewart has a method of writing a novel that all ages can swiftly be transported into another place and time.


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Historical Fiction

Jodi Lea Stewart Historical Fiction






Young Adult – 
All-Age Trilogy

Set in the Navajo Nation

Jodi Lea Stewart Historical Fiction

    Jodi Lea Stewart - Silki, Summer of the Ancient    Jodi Lea Stewart - Silki, Canyon of Doom  Jodi Lea Stewart - Silki, Valley of Shadows


Jodi Lea Stewart Historical Fiction Author

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