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Book - Triumph by Jodi Lea Stewart


A Novel of the Human Spirit

Racism Defeated

Triumph Book Launch 2020 - Jodi Lea Stewart

At a time when the world needs more warmth and acceptance, two little girls – Mercy and Annie, take us on a journey where color and race matters less than character and heart!

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If you Love these books, you MUST Read TRIUMPH!

“The reader will see themselves in characters that might not look like them but carry their desire to rise and thrive – and therein lies its power and a lesson…”

~ Cyrus Webb, Media Personality, Author and Top Amazon Reviewer

“I have a love affair with books but unfortunately don’t make the time to read. When I started TRIUMPH my love affair took over and I couldn’t put the book down.”

~ Heather Young Hockett

“Jodi has a way of putting you in the middle of her character’s world without forcing you there. I love reading a book that has me wondering what the characters are doing when I’m going through my daily life, and Triumph has me thinking about these people throughout my day.”

~ Christian Borrmann

“… through multiple times and storylines in one of the best ‘feel good’ books I’ve read.”

~ Wayne Edgin, Western Historian, Avid Reader, and Devoted Fan

“… shedding a light of hope and encouragement on the most incendiary social concern of our nation — Racism. Our streets are on fire and TRIUMPH sends us a child to lead us.”

~ DB Jackson, Winner of the Western Heritage Award

“I fell in love with Annie and Mercy right away. The best of friends through every trial imaginable. I highly recommend her latest work TRIUMPH. You will not be disappointed.”

~ Heather Young Hockett

“I loved all of the different characters and their blessings and cursings of life.”

~ Gayle Moore

“In TRIUMPH, author Jodi Lea Stewart shows that time and place have nothing to do with the power of the human spirit.”

~ Cyrus Webb, Media Personality, Author and Top Amazon Reviewer

“If you’re looking for a book to snuggle up with and find new, fascinating friends, I think I’ve got one for you!”

~ Christian Borrmann

“The characters are compelling and believable. The settings are powerful and rendered with a touch of uncanny realism. The message is Biblical.”

~ DB Jackson, Winner of the Western Heritage Award

“… this novel has it all. Stolen children. Brave young people. Evil religions. Despairing widows and orphans. Heartbroken, childless, husbands, and wives. Brave and heroic men and women. Intrigue. Coming of age, in an age of becoming. Values, family, and love.”

~ Wayne Edgin, Western Historian, Avid Reader, and Devoted Fan

“Since I tend to read mysteries, the chapters had me trying to figure out the mystery myself. I would enjoy a sequel detailing relationships that were revealed at the climax of the novel.”

~ Gayle Moore

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Growing Up Jodi Lea

Childhood, Jodi Lea Stewartstoryteller.  adventurer.  southwest ranch girl.

My adventure and mystery tales reflect my non-traditional childhood growing up on a cattle ranch next door to the Navajo Nation and the White Mountain Apache Reservation. Days spent climbing petroglyph-etched boulders, bouncing two feet in the air in the back end of a pickup, wrestling through washed-out terracotta roads, playing in stock bins full of barley and corn, and riding horses through the arroyos and mountains of the Arizona High Country.



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historical fiction.  transporting her readers.  action.  humor.  drama.

Jodi Lea Stewart is a bit hard to define as an author, she writes high-concept with a literary pen technique. The adrenaline begins in her heart, flows to her fingertips, and out onto the keyboard. She will sincerely admit, “That’s me writing a novel.” Jodi Lea attracts readers who love books set in the South and Southwest, who like a mixture of action, humor, and drama. She has a young adult audience (Silki Trilogy) that appreciates her captivating style as well. Jodi Lea Stewart has a method of writing a novel that all ages can swiftly be transported into another place and time.


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Jodi Lea Stewart Historical Fiction

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Jodi Lea Stewart Historical Fiction

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Jodi Lea Stewart Historical Fiction Author

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