Abandoned chair out in a field facing a haunted house

I’m inviting you to  take a tiny trip with into the Nothing Burger World of Whatever.


Why not?

I mean, unless you are 1)  decaying in your rocking chair waiting for Norman Bates to bring your supper from downstairs, 2)  pinned under a giant onyx waiting for the fire department to arrive, or 3) mad because your cat flushed your toilet a thousand times and ran up the water bill . . . you have a few minutes to waste.

This time . . .

See the ugliest strangest shoes on the planet.

Watch Matt dance.

Learn a Creepy Fact.

Interesting to note 

Women are actually altering their feet to wear high heels. I can see adding more cushion to the ball of a foot, or having a bunion removed if pain were an issue, but cutting off a little toe or altering the length of toes through surgery? E-gads!

Not surprisingly, the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons advise against foot procedures for purely cosmetic purposes.

Speaking of shoes, these are pretty ugly dramatic, yes?

Ugly shoes 1



Ugly shoes 2Ugly shoes 3





Forget the Prozac

If you click into just one link on this blog, MAKE IT THIS ONE.  It remains my fav. It’s a few years old, but it never fails to make me smile.

What in the heck is so fascinating about an average dude who travels everywhere *and I mean everywhere* in the world and dances with the locals?


When I’m feeling blue, lousy, angry, or need a fix of s-o-m-e-t-h-i-n-g, I watch Matt dancing away like a clumsy clod with a big smile. Somehow, he’s inspiring.

He’s harder to find these days, and that’s a shame.

Here’s your creepy fact

Spider’s can’t chew. Instead, they insert poison fluid into their victim’s body until it turns to liquid, then they just suck it down.

Adding this one just for grins: A spider’s blood color is “light blue.”

Mash-Ups are fun. Smile!


Your opinion matters to me.


Just for fun . . .

My Prince Charming would never borrow unauthorized media.

My Prince Charming would never borrow unauthorized media.




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