The plethora of hearts, chocolate and stuffed animals the size of toll booths igniting the air and the airwaves the past month drove me into thoughtful consideration *and into making a  list* of the things I truly love.

Criteria for My List 

I limited my truly love list to five items.

Since my spouse, family and Divine Power already have my heart 24/7, my truly love list went beyond the basics.

I asked myself…

What makes me all warm and cozy inside?

What make me smile?

What causes tears of joy and/or pride to drown my eyes?

First, one rant caveat 

The word love in our English language is quite pathetic. We have one flimsy word to cover feelings for our beloved, our children, horses, our country, popcorn, military veterans, etc. It doesn’t seem fair! In Italy, for instance, you use two very different words for the love of a mate versus the love of your cell phone. (Or do you? I realize things there are cell phone addicts out there nowadays, so maybe not.)

Greece has at least three great words for love, possibly more. The Arabic language has seven plus. Finland has tons! We have one. Just one. Okay, I’m off my soapbox now!

My Truly Love List (in no particular order) delivered through something I truly love . . . horses!

  • Books

I love books!







  • Babies

I love babies, any kind!

  •  Laughter

Everything will be all right as long as we can laugh!










Gentle Carousel Therapy Horses share the love!







  • America

I love America . . . and the Clydesdales!







I love to hear your opinions. What do you love?


Just for fun . . .

What am I writing? Why, not to borrow unauthorized media, of course!

“Hey, Marilyn, did you read Jodi Lea Stewart’s newest novel, The Accidental Road?”

“Honey, I was her consultant for it. After all, she’s practically writing about me.” Love, Marilyn

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