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Type-A folks aren’t fond of thinking they’ve wasted time doing anything.

When I heard the average woman spends 474 days of her life slapping on lipstick and lining her eyes *applying makeup*, I had to search for purpose in all that mirror time.

Here, then, is my version of life lessons I’ve learned from applying makeup.

  • Scrub out impurities before they turn black.
  • Moisture is the key to life.
  • Always start with a good foundation.
  • Rough handling will stretch you in ways you don’t want to go.
  • Never expect a thin line from a dull pencil.
  • Being too cheeky can backfire.
  • Frowning messes up everything.
  • Practice makes perfect.
  • Too showy gives a false impression.
  • Freshen up often.
  • Inner beauty is the best makeup in the world.

My kids always accused me of turning everything into a life lesson. Maybe they were right!

Have you learned wise things while doing life’s outwardly boring and repetitive tasks…maybe from doing the laundry, or exercising, even shaving your face *guys*?

You know I love to hear from you!




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