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Life Lessons I’ve Learned from Applying Makeup


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Image from Fotolia

Type-A folks aren’t fond of thinking they’ve wasted time doing anything.

When I heard the average woman spends 474 days of her life slapping on lipstick and lining her eyes *applying makeup*, I had to search for purpose in all that mirror time.

Here, then, is my version of life lessons I’ve learned from applying makeup.

  • Scrub out impurities before they turn black.
  • Moisture is the key to life.
  • Always start with a good foundation.
  • Rough handling will stretch you in ways you don’t want to go.
  • Never expect a thin line from a dull pencil.
  • Being too cheeky can backfire.
  • Frowning messes up everything.
  • Practice makes perfect.
  • Too showy gives a false impression.
  • Freshen up often.
  • Inner beauty is the best makeup in the world.

My kids always accused me of turning everything into a life lesson. Maybe they were right!

Have you learned wise things while doing life’s outwardly boring and repetitive tasks…maybe from doing the laundry, or exercising, even shaving your face *guys*?

You know I love to hear from you!




6 thoughts on “Life Lessons I’ve Learned from Applying Makeup

    1. Isn’t it? Kind of blew me away, Mike. I wonder if they have calculated how many hours a man spends shaving? Maybe you can find the universal lessons in that! Thanks for stopping by…you always make my day better!

  1. “Never expect a thin line from a dull pencil” might just be one of the greatest pearls of wisdom ever!
    If the average is 474 days, my total will probably end up being more like 47 minutes. Not much for the make-up, but now I’m wondering what I missed out on…

  2. Lol, Liv! I’m glad you enjoyed my “pearl of wisdom!” Listen, with that face, you don’t need a lot of makeup mirror time!

  3. Wow, love this list you’ve whittled down to perfection, Jodi. There is always that tendency to go overboard and muddy the canvas, so your fine roster of the *all important bits* is a nice reminder of how to keep things picture perfect in life and on the face 😀

    1. Well, thank you, Barbara! Since I began my writing life under the banner that I couldn’t write a note or letter without writing an epistle, I am happy to report that I’ve succeeded in a touch tighter writing these many years later…lol!

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