I’m ready for vacation. So what?

Spring has erupted with an outbreak of green buds, insanely happy twittering birds and a sales surge in allergy meds.

Synonymous with spring is spring cleaning, that time when we attack every inch of our lives with renewed determination to clear out the cobwebs.

Spring House Cleaning

Hubby’s idea of spring cleaning – or otherwise – is to throw all the out-of-place things in a closet, on a shelf or in layers in drawers. His redemption comes from his incredible speed. He can take an upside-down room and make it “appear” guest-ready in no time.

Conversely, I deep clean a room by attacking the drawers, closets and anything else attackable. My spring or fall cleaning can take 10-13 days. I suck out dust-germies behind drawers with a shop vac, pull the curtains down, scrub walls and baseboards, etc. Nothing is safe!

Brain Cleaning

Spring is also a time to air out our frontal and temporal lobes, as well as our cerebellums.

My prescribed formula for this therapeutic brain drain *see below* works especially well for overworked executives/office personnel, students, all medical folks, beleaguered moms/dads and red-eyed, swollen authors breathlessly huffing and puffing to write constantly while building a grand social platform the size of the Pacific Ocean.

Jodi’s Recommended Brain-Cleansing Method

Lollygag. Hard. On your living-room couch, in a pool chair, lounger or in a hammock for a minimum of two hours. Do not think any deeper than, “What can I pig-out on later . . . wonder what’s on the tube tonight . . . why are stick figures so creepy . . .”

Stuff like that.

Absolutely no telephones or electronic gadgets allowed.

Yes I know.

Disengaging from our screens is like asking us to nose-push a pinto bean from San Francisco to the top of Pike’s Peak.

But you can do it. That screen is a wimp. A weenie. You are powerful. You are Iron.

I believe in you!

Sigh. Just try it, okay?

I boldly proclaim two sessions of concentrated lollygagging will shake off the chaotic grundge and prepare you for vacation and those lazy hazy days of summer.

Your family deserves it.

And guess what?  It just might reintroduce you to

. . . silence.

. . . idle fingers.

…going without any outside communication for two whole hours.


Vintage stuff!

Just remember…a drained brain is a happy brain!


What is your method of shaking off your worries and responsibilities on the eve of a long weekend or vacation? What about spring cleaning . . . do you do it? Is it a family affair? Please share!


Just for fun . . .

I refer all media “borrowers” to my film, Psycho.


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