This is my grandmother’s *Ollie Pear Woods* recipe from the old days when survival meant using EVERYTHING.

  • left-over pinto beans made real juicy with extra water
  • lots of red or green peppers {Grandma Woods grew her own}
  • biscuit dough rolled out very thin and cut in 1”x 4” strips (homemade dough only…oh, all right, use Pillsbury©, you silly thing!)

Bring beans and juice to a rolling boil. Cook as many as you want or need. Drop dumplings in bean juice. Heat through (doesn’t take long) and serve immediately.

Comment: My granddad called my grandma “Dubie.”
Comments from one of the eleven Woods’ kids:
This recipe came from Mother Woods, 1921, living in Frog Spring Hollow in Jay Hills. Sure tasty. Don’t get it too hot (spicy), or you’ll drink lots of water — Woods kid Dean.






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