• Sassafras Root
  • Water (at least 1 quart)
  • Cream and sugar (optional)

Dig up several roots from a sassafras tree (or order online). Rinse thoroughly until clean. Depending on the size of the root(s), place in a large pot or teakettle. Boil to desired strength.

The tea will be a pale-pinkish-brown. The pinker the tea, the stronger it is. Add sugar and/or cream if desired. Drink hot or cold.

Keep in a pot on the back of the stove. You can refill the pot with water and boil it again for more tea.

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Comment:  Chewing on a piece of raw root cleans your teeth and freshens your breath

– Everett Woods (Woods kid #1, 1910-1996)

Comment:  Drink this tea every spring to “thin your blood”  

– Elmer Woods (Granddad, aka Dad Doobie) 



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Just for fun . . .

James, you know your vertigo always flares up when you borrow unauthorized media.

James, you know your vertigo always flares up when you forget to drink your Sassafras Tea every Spring.


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