Ahh! Nothing feels more refreshing than a new Website first thing in the morning...

Ahh! Nothing feels more refreshing than a new Website first thing in the morning…

Out With the Old

My OLD website/blog was just sixteen months old when I decided it was time to recreate and refresh my www-world. It seemed the right thing to do with Novel Two of my Southwest series coming out soon.

J-MomNewPicAnd then there was the new profile photo my daughter phone-snapped of me in front of a green shower curtain. That certainly deserved a special place to live, right?

Two months later, and after a lot of sweat equity on my part and from my awesome web designer – Laird Sapir, voila ~ a new website and blog!

Time to let all my sweet peeps know! But how?

A Risk

It’s always a risk to assume what we knowhave, or do will slightly interest anyone else. I began to imagine this conversation:

Someone perfect:  “Hey, Jodi, what’s new?”

Just me:  (Breaking out in big, silly grin) “Oh, not much . . . except I have a new website and blog!”

Someone perfect:  “Really? Cool. (Huge yawn) “Well, have to go file my toenails. Talk later.”

Just me:  “Well, phooey.”

With that make-believe exchange in mind, I thought: Okay then. What is the best way to

present my new website/blog without boring everyone to tears innovatively?

First my brain swelled up like a bag of pink cotton candy. Then it rattled around my skull in a 360. I contemplated all kinds of crazy stuff to do to celebrate this momentous occasion. Stuff like . . .

  • hiring a mariachi band of Russian ex-patriots to march down the main street of Winona, Minnesota, or
  • throwing a boloney and cheese blowout, or  
  • rolling a crate of oranges down Lombard Street, the crookedest street in the world

    Lombard Street, San Francisco, California

    Lombard Street, San Francisco, California

To be honest, nothing seemed to fit.

Then it hit me.


I am the popcorn-nut of all time. If statistics are correct and Americans really do consume 15 billion quarts of popped corn annually, I’m guilty of consuming at least 7 of those billion quarts per year. That’s how much I love my popcorn!

You say, what’s the connection between popcorn and the unveiling of my new website and blog?

I say . . . POP.

That’s the connection.

  • Popcorn POPS!
  • My new, Southwest-themed website designed by Memphis McKay POPS!  

Get it?

Popcorn per w-cMaybe not, but for hanging with me this long, I want to give you something – my Texas Hot Chili Popcorn recipe. It’s hanging out in the “Chuckwagons and Campfires” section of my website, *here’s a link.* It’s so hot, you’d better call the fire department before you serve it!

By the way, thank you thank you thank you for sharing my joy in presenting my new Cyber-Home!

Your opinion matters to me.

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