Godzilla? Uh huh. More about that later. First, some important business…

We have a Winner!

As the April winner of the Wikirandom Writers Challenge – a three-sentence flash-fiction contest – it was my privilege and honor to launch the May challenge. The prompt was “the whitest sand” taken from a random article in Wikipedia. 

I found it extremely difficult to judge my fellow writers’ efforts. Each entry was a jewel unto itself. Reading just three delicious little sentences, my emotions were stirred, ideas jumped into my head, I started writing the next lines…well, here, see what I’m talking about:

Laird Sapir wrote about a tiny blue diecast car discovered in the whitest sand “…rusty, and lonely for the boy it once belonged to!” Couldn’t you just die of curiosity?

Then Doris McCraw comes at me with a romantic reflection that has me wondering what in the heck happened to that person who left the protection of those aching arms?

Liv Rancourt’s character gave up Montenegro to sit by “a crappy, old pool” with someone. Wow! That SOMEONE must have been SOMETHING!

Ellen Gregory, quite simply, wrote the first lines of a smash movie hit.

You see my dilemma, don’t you?

I went into the closet and put on my black Judge Judy Robe and sat on a marble bench in the yard and let the birds do-do on my head. Not really, but I might have if I’d owned a judge’s robe. Instead, I slept on it…for about six nights. At last, I came to a verdict, er, I mean, decision, basing it on the fact that this particular entry was not only incredible like the others, but it also had an indefinable quality that played over and over in my head. 

Are you ready?


The gavel has hit the sound block.

The winner is…

Elaine Smothers!

Here’s what she wrote:



The skies grew visibly angry, and waves of raging breakers pummeled the shore in rapid succession; impassioned witnesses to an evil deed. Leaning his weight against the shovel, a malevolent smirk played across his face and he spit on the ground, a merciless epitaph to his latest handiwork of hatred. Sometimes the whitest sand holds the darkest secrets.

See what I mean? Congratulations, Elaine!!!

My days on the bench have ended. It’s time to pass my judicial seat to Elaine Smothers. I have to say, I’m quite glad to retire from the bench and go back to just being an author! Thanks to all of you who took time from your busy schedules to create a little entertainment for the rest of us. A contest is only as good as the contestants, so please participate wildly in the next challenge.

Wait! What about Godzilla?

Oh, I forgot to tell you that Elaine and Godzilla have scraped the arm wrestling. They’re staging a mud wrestling event right along with the June contest. I’ve already bought my front-row tickets. I hear seating is limited, so don’t delay! 

What a talented group of writers you are! Take it away, Elaine…



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