Did you know Tikis are great companions? I’ll tell you why after this important announcement –

Last month, I was honored to win the WikiRandom Writers Challenge. The challenge was to create (preferably off the top of my head) a three-sentence story based on a prompt chosen by March’s winner from an article she found by hitting Wikipedia’s Random Article button.

Now it’s my turn to find the May 2012 winner

The rules are simple. You use the prompt I select in a three-sentence story and post it in the comments section below. The winner will be announced May 29, and he/she receives a cool badge to display on his/her website plus lots of, as the creator of the contest – Laird Sapir – says, adoration and praise!

*Assuming best infomercial voice* But that’s not all! The winner will also host the next WikiRandom Writers Challenge on their own blog any time in June and will serve as the presiding judge over the June entries.

Why (Wiki)Tiki?

I’m still a country gal at heart. When I win something, it’s a cotton candy, ride-the-Ferris-wheel kind of moment for me. So, when Ellen Gregory picked me as the WikiRandom winner in April, I kind of wanted to dunk my head in a tub and bring up a cob of corn with my teeth. I knew that wouldn’t be much fun for you, so I decided to share a little something near and dear to my heart – (Wiki)Tiki.

Why You Should Adopt a Tiki.

  • They enjoy the beach/pool and love to sunbathe.
  • They don’t care how you look in your swimsuit.
  • They keep an eye (or several) on your towel and suntan lotion.
  • They don’t sneak any of your Gatorade.
  • They are huge Adele fans.
  • They don’t like chemistry or P.E., so no college tuition.
  •  They love jokes. Even tell a few themselves if you listen carefully.
  • Doggie piddle is okay as long as you hose them off afterward.
  • They think both donkeys and elephants are cute, so they’re politically correct.
  • They hate commercials and pointy hats.

That’s just a few of the many reasons why you should adopt a Tiki. I know you can’t wait to run out and buy your very own, so without wasting any more of your valuable time, are you…

Ready for Your Prompt?


(張嘉福) (同中書門下平章事)


Just kidding! Your prompt is:  the whitest sand . . .

Have fun!


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