Jodi Lea Stewarts adventure and mystery tales reflect her non-traditional childhood growing up on a cattle ranch next door to the Navajo Nation and the White Mountain Apache Rez. She climbed petroglyph-etched boulders, bounced two feet in the air in the back end of pickups wrestling through washed-out terracotta roads, played in stock bins full of barley and corn, and rode horses through the arroyos and mountains of the Arizona High Country.

Cyrus Webb Interviews Jodi Lea Stewart

Jodi Lea Stewart - About the Author

Having an Okie mom, a passel of Oklahoma and Missouri cousins, and an eclectic mix of Native American and Hispanic buddies made Jodi tumble head over heels in love with everything southwest and southern. She inserts the feelings, colors, smells, and sounds of her background into her Young Adult/All-Age fiction adventures and hopes everyone gets the chance to enjoy life with fry bread and beans, as well as fried okra, biscuits and gravy, and sassafras tea.

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