Summer of the Ancient



“Oh-my-gosh…can you keep a secret? Seriously, I’m about to float off the planet with all the loco stuff happening here on the Rez this summer.

silki on her horseIt all started when my horse, Smiles, and I were on Concho Mountain hunting for sugar rocks and animal tracks. Smiles got snorty and started flinging his head around. I felt a little strange too, like the junipers had sprouted eyes or something. I just figured being on the mountain without my best friend, Birdie, was messing me up. I still can’t believe she gave up our adventure rides for stupid old volleyball a few months ago.

Smiles and I decided to eat lunch at Weaver Rock and go on home. My fry bread slathered with beans was an inch from my lips when the unbelievable happened…Wol-la-chee shrieked into our lives. Poor Smiles and I almost turned into petroglyphs!

Can you help me figure out how someone I invented became real?”