Canyon of Doom


“Is the strange metal object my best friend Birdie and I found in the bogs of Canyon Daacha magical?

Smiles - Silki: Canyon of Doom by Jodi Lea StewartMaybe a little.

It sort of made us famous by getting our picture in the Navajo Times. Oh, and guess what? It was stolen right out of the bank lobby! Why would anybody take it? It wasn’t gold or anything.

A mysterious stranger I call Amber Eyes showed up here on the Rez before the robbery. Right away, he sent my suspicious-sensing nature into high alert. Oh sure, he tried to hide his sneaky expression behind mirrored sunglasses, but I got a good look at those eyeballs when I accidently crashed into him at the flea market.

If only Lieutenant Jake would listen to me!

Birdie is stuck up in Kayenta for a few weeks, so I was wondering … can you help me figure out why Amber Eyes and those other weird characters have come to the Rez?”