Silki : Canyon of Doom

One girl knows the secret behind the crazy stuff happening on the Navajo Rez, but nobody’s listening.

“Oh-my-gosh! My best friend Birdie was missing everything – fame because our picture was in the Navajo Times, the last few weeks before school started, and a stranger of interest in town. Before the day was over, she would miss the most dangerous day of my life.”

Canyon of Doom, the Sequel to Silki: Summer of the Ancients by Jodi Lea StewartStealing money isn’t the aim of the Mesa Redondo bank robbers. They want the mysterious metal object Silki and her best friend Birdie discovered in the bogs at Canyon Daacha. With Birdie headed up to Kayenta for the rest of the summer, Silki navigates wide-eyed and solo through a whirl of thievery, scary characters, lost artifacts, and a shadowy stranger Silki dubs Amber Eyes. Against a backdrop of Monsoon season floods and quicksand, Silki’s plight is complicated by the hateful slurs of a rebellious cousin her family must rescue before it’s too late. Soon, Silki finds herself in the middle of a plot that stretches all the way back to World War II and reaches right into the very soul of her own family.

Woven with Navajo language, tradition, and lore, Silki, the Girl of Many Scarves: CANYON OF DOOM is the second book in a series of one girl’s adventures in the American Southwest.