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How Corny is This?


Happy National Candy Corn Day!

Lots of people hate Candy Corn.

Lots of people love it.

How do I know?

Because nine billion candy-corn KERNELS, or thirty-five million pounds, are produced every year!

Somebody is loving that velvety smooth texture, the marshmallow taste, and those triple-colored layers to bite off randomly, or obsessively – *first the tip, then the top, then the middle, oh yeah!*

People have long associated candy corn with the fall harvest.

Two reasons:

1)      We were an agrarian society when this candy first showed up in 1880. Making a candy in the shape of corn kernels made sense back then.

2)      The candy was produced from March through December only. The reason? It was all made by hand in those days. Gulp.

What’s the scoop on those yellow, orange and white corn cuties?

  • Invented in 1880 by the Wunderle Candy Company
  • First multi-colored candy
  • Manufactured by Goelitz Confectionary Company starting in 1890s
  • Goelitz Confectionary Company eventually became Jelly Belly
  • Jelly Belly has been making candy corn the longest of any candy manufacturer
  • The recipe has remained mostly the same
  • It’s considered one of the healthier candies

1 cup of raisins = 493 calories

1 cup of Candy Corn = I have no idea! But, there are 140 calories per serving. Does that help?

Other corny stuff

Candy Corn is responsible for the biggest candy-related fire in history

You can be the first on your block to make Candy-Corn Cordials

Candy-Corn Cordials

Candy-Corn Fudge
Candy-Corn Fudge

Super EZ Candy-Corn Fudge.




Want to know more? Here’s a link to see how Candy Corn is produced at Jelly Belly. It made me want to run right out and buy some.

So, I admit it – I’m a huge fan of Candy Corn!

How about you? Do you love or hate Candy Corn? Did you ever stick Candy Corn on your teeth for fangs?  What? Am I the only one who did that? Come on . . . share a little Candy “corn” with all of us!





Just for fun . . .

“Look, kid, I know it’s my fault. Careless media borrowing gets me every time!”

7 thoughts on “How Corny is This?

  1. My hubby and I are candy corn addicts. Funny, though, most of the time we want it only in the fall and then pretty much ignore it after Halloween. I’ve been looking for the candy corn oreos, but so far haven’t found them locally.

  2. So I did a quick google search, and it’s about 150 calories in 22 (or 26) pieces of candy corn. Unfortunately, I’d have to buy a bag and count how many fit into a one-cup measure, then do some math.
    Hmm…that idea has its merits…

    1. Thanks, Liv…now how many calories would that make in about three handfuls? Hmmm. If one or two drop on the floor, that takes away bunches of calories, right? I’m working on the new math of Candy Corn – hoping that it somehow doesn’t make one’s waistline thicken *even more*!

  3. I love the idea of candy corn so I buy it every year “for the kids.” I always eat a couple, proclaim how awful they taste – waxy sugar – and then take a few more. More proclamations, another handful, then another because once I start, the sugar keeps calling me back. Me and candy corn: we have a love/hate relationship. And I do not want to know how many calories are in this candy that I dislike but eat the whole bag.

    1. Oh, Sara, we must have been separated at birth…twins in our candy corn love/hate relationship. However, I must admit that I enjoyed my partial bag of “corn” this year more after learning how much of it is actually marshmallow cream. That gave my taste buds something to think about as I partook of the little critters. I bought my bag of Brach’s candy corn, and it had little pumpkins inside that tasted the same. I kept visiting and visiting that bag until I made myself throw it in the trash before those little candy corns were breaking out all over my bod! It hurt, but I had to save myself! Come often, Sara…always a treat to hear from you!

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